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When you need to talk to someone who really GETS what you are going through.

MY BLACK DOG is an online platform that supports people with enduring mental illness.  
Are you struggling with your mental health and don't feel you can talk to anyone?
Are you hiding how you feel from your friends and family?
Are you nervous about talking to someone face to face?
Do you feel uncomfortable about talking to a counsellor?
We can help
Our volunteers  have ALL experienced their own struggles with mental health. They understand what you are going through and are here to have an honest conversation with you. You can talk to them, they get it.
You can chat with them through our private online chat tool.
Lines are open 7-10pm Mon-Fri and 10-1pm Sat & Sun.
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Why is my black dog different?

We are volunteers. We are real people who have grappled with suicide, self harm and paralysing mental illness. ​We understand that coping with mental illness can be hard, and it is CONSTANT. It is not just when you are at a "crisis point" but also when you are in the early stages of this battle, weeks, months, maybe even years before that point.

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Who's in?

We are not doctors or therapists, not counsellors or psychiatrists, we are people who understand; people who have ALL experienced mental health issues. We will be honest about our ourselves and hope that you feel comfortable talking to someone who has been through a similar experience. Find out more about the people who are MY BLACK DOG.

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What are my other options?

You have options. Some days it might not feel that way but there ARE other options. You have us to talk to, you have amazing charities like Mind, The Samaritans and CALM if you are in real trouble. Or, if you want something more of the weird and wonderful, we have ideas for that too

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