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For some of us the daily news of the Coronavirus, the lockdown and the multitude of theories and “good advice” have been anything but reassuring.

In fact for many it has triggered extreme fear, anxiety and sometimes paranoia.

What’s surprising is that those who would normally consider themselves to be mentally robust are struggling with this new way of being.

As someone who had suffered depression for most of my adult life I’m finding that I already have many of the tools I need in order to survive (mentally and emotionally).

So what’s the best piece of advice I can give to anyone who is experiencing heightened anxiety, depression or fear and worry in response to the C word?

No not the four letter one!

It’s become a pandemic of FEAR and as an energy practitioner, I know from my own personal experience and from scientific research, that FEAR activates the fight, flight or freeze response and weakens the immune system.

We need a strong immune system in order to fight off this virus.

Did you know that love and happiness, the opposite of fear, actually boosts your immune system?

So how can you find your way from Fear to Love?

And find your way back to feeling balanced and calm.

One of the things that works well for me and my clients is to stimulate two acupressure points at the same time as taking deep calming breaths. This automatically stops the fight, flight and freeze response and sends a message to your amygdala (your stress response centre) to calm down.

Just make sure that your wash your hands first!

Take the first two fingers of one hand and press them firmly in between your eyebrows.

At the same time take the first two fingers of the other hand and press firmly in the middle of your chest.

And then breathe.

Take some deep calming breaths and feel yourself start to relax.

From this place of relaxation, tune into your inner wisdom to make wise judgments from peace and calm and not from fear.

Feel into the truth of what is being said, what you are reading and what you are hearing.

What else can you do?

Here are a few practical guidelines taken from my ‘Self Care Package for Challenging Times’ - there are accompanying videos on our page Coping Content

  1. Isolate yourself from news about the virus. You already know everything you need to know. Tuning in to every single piece of news from around the world is feeding the fear. If you feel you must stay connected to what is going on. Limit yourself to one piece of news everyday.

If you can’t do without news have you tried The Happy Newspaper as an alternative?

Also you can listen to this guided healing meditation “Transforming the energy around challenging situations”, it does what it says on the tin.

  1. Don’t go looking for additional information on the internet, or go checking out the latest statistics in your area, or read every fatalistic chain message that comes your way. 

Try this guided healing meditation “Soothing Fear”

  1. Listen to soothing music or exercise, or distract yourself with some comedy. Your immune system thrives on happiness. 

Give your immune system a boost with this light-hearted meditation “Happy Healthy Cells”

  1. Maintain some semblance of a routine at home if you can. Avoid changing your daily sleep pattern too much it will only be harder for you when things do return to ‘normal’ in the future.  Can you use this time to do all those things you’ve been putting off, like DIY jobs or de-cluttering, or maybe learning a new skill or hobby?

To help you feel motivated in this you can listen to this ‘Feeling Motivated’ meditation.

  1. Keeping a positive attitude will help protect your immune system, but let go of any fear if you can not find your ‘happy place’. It’s just as important to acknowledge how you truly feel, as suppressing your emotions may only lead to further complications down the line. 

Try listening to this guided healing practice, “Honouring Your Emotions”

  1. Distance yourself (physically and virtually) from people who drag your energy down and if you can’t because you are isolating in the same house as them, create some boundaries for yourself in relation to spending time alone away from them in a different part of the house or even by going out for a walk alone.

This is a quick 5 minute meditation to bring you back to ‘Calm’ if you find yourself being triggered.

Do make sure you are connecting regularly with people who lift your energy and vibration. Connecting by phone or FaceTime or Skype. Not just for a chat, you can connect with others whilst cooking or eating, having a virtual dinner date or a virtual movie night. There are endless possibilities. Facebook also offers many new communities for those in isolation. Have you tried a virtual dance party yet? Here’s my favourite new group called “I’m stuck at home but still want to have fun”

  1. Know that this shall pass, that you or the world is not being punished for any wrong-doing.  The most important thing for you now is to learn how to look after yourself and your own emotional and physical wellbeing.

Try this “leaning into self care” meditation. Leaning into to self care because I am only too aware that for some this feels uncomfortable and unnatural.

Trying any or all of the above should help you to find relief and bring you back to balance and calm but if you find yourself unable to cope with the intensity of challenging emotions you are feeling please do reach out to talk to someone.

You can try this private online chat facility here at My Black Dog or you can try calling the Samaritans.

Most importantly please know that you are not alone with how you are feeling, this has triggered many people who ordinarily, breeze through life without a care.

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Jane Jackson

Emotional Healer and Spiritual Coach