Connect with Someone Who Gets It - Peer-to-Peer Support for Mental Health with My Black Dog

Discover what peer-to-peer support is and how it can benefit you. Gain insights into this valuable form of assistance, its advantages, and how it can improve your well-being. Find out more here!
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Suffering with our mental health is overwhelming, and it’s not something we can just ‘shake off and ‘get over’... has anyone been told to ‘cheer up’ recently? 

At My Black Dog, we know It's okay to not feel okay, that feeling depressed and anxious is horrid, and it’s hard to know where to turn when we need support. It's even harder when we don't have anyone who understands what we're going through; that's where My Black Dog comes in. My Black Dog offers a safe and welcoming environment to those needing mental health support. 

Whether it’s anxiety, insomnia, depression or stress, PTSD, or body dysmorphia, our platform gives you the best opportunity to connect with someone who has experienced the same as you, someone that you can relate to, someone who gets it.

What is Peer-to-Peer Support?

Peer-to-peer support allows you to connect with others who have shared experiences. It allows you to connect with ordinary people going through everyday things with regular problems but understand what it is like to go through extraordinary things, thoughts and feelings - someone like you. 

Peer-to-peer can come in many forms; while we operate online, some people find great value in connecting with others in person. That's why we encourage activities like group exercise classes, crafting clubs, and support groups to improve our mental health. Sharing experiences in these settings can be particularly beneficial for improving and maintaining your mental wellness. Just read our recent feature about how group activities like water skills can help here.

At My Black Dog, it’s no different; we are a way for you to speak to someone and get advice and comfort from others who are going or have gone through the same things. 

Knowing that we’re not alone in our experiences reduces the sense of isolation, can give us the confidence to talk about and express our emotions, and allows us to feel like we belong, which we know can be invaluable when we’re in the trenches with our feelings. 

It's important to note that although we are here for you in your time of need, peer support is not a substitute for professional or crisis treatment. However, we are a valuable supplement for when you need someone who will understand what you are going through. 

Connecting with My Black Dog

My Black Dog is run for people who need it by people that get it. We empathise with the immense challenges of dealing with mental health struggles. We are here for you because we understand how challenging life can be, and we're ready to listen and offer the empathetic support that isn’t always received when seeking help with mental health issues.  

With understanding at our core, our team of trained volunteers are experienced in helping those dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm, sadness, PTSD, and more. Our service is entirely free, anonymous and judgement-free, so you can feel safe and secure sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. Reach out to us through our website's live chat functionality. You're not alone - we're here to help and help you overcome whatever struggles you are experiencing.

Take the First Step and Connect

Taking the first step in seeking help can be hard. But with My Black Dog, you can count on our experienced and friendly volunteers for support. Remember, you're not alone. We understand what you're going through and are here to help. Mental wellness is a journey, and we're here to hold your hand and let you know that it's okay to not be okay.

Volunteering with My Black Dog

Our volunteers are the lifeline of our service. Without them, we wouldn't be able to provide support for those in need. We are grateful for their commitment and dedication. If you have the experience and compassion to make a difference in someone's life, we seek enthusiastic and dependable volunteers to help us maintain our service. If this opportunity resonates with you, please contact us at

Mental health issues can be isolating and challenging to deal with, and traditional forms of support may not always be available. Connecting with others who have gone through similar experiences can provide a sense of community and greatly benefit mental health outcomes. With My Black Dog, you can connect with passionate volunteers who can offer guidance and support when you need it most. The first step towards getting help can be challenging, but with My Black Dog, you can take the first step towards healing.