How YouTuber Music Can Help Break Mental Health Stigma.

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When YouTubers and social media influencers release music, diss-tracks and parody pop, most of us sit there in disgust trying to comprehend what is happening on our screens and what is being blasted in our ears. We vow to never to listen to the genre of ‘YouTuber Music’ again.

That is until former Vine star and YouTuber Scotty Sire, broke this trend and released his debut album in October 2018: one of the main themes is anxiety, which many other YouTube artists and even some people would not openly speak about.

A social media star with over 2.7 million YouTuber subscribers, Scotty Sire is applauded by his fans for his ability to openly discuss mental health and attempt to break the stigma surrounding it. Research shows anxiety levels within young adults are rising due to the presence of the internet. He uses his platform to voice his concern of mental health and assures his viewers that they are not alone.

His songs express emotions of Sire’s social anxiety. Songs such as “Take Me Away”,Mr Glassman” and “Lonely” focus on the effects his anxiety has had on his social life, whereas “Stick Around” and “My Life Sucks” discuss anxiety and depression in general.

His lyrics describe how anxiety is different from being labelled “shy”, no matter how hard he tries to stay positive and live in the moment he cannot enjoy it because his social anxiety prevents his ability to interact with people.

The songs “Lullaby” and “Get Better”, delve into the idea of anxiety putting a strain in relationships. His beautifully worded lyrics convey the pain that comes with balancing his disorder and romance and how it has affected his relationship with fellow YouTuber Kristen Mcatee.  He places blame on his perspective, rather than his actual anxiety, which might sound confusing to anyone who has not experienced anxiety, but hits the mark for those who have.

“Ruin Your Party” is a mantra for those who suffer from anxiety or any other mental health disorders.

Ruin Your Party is available to stream on all music platforms.