It's happening....we're getting support from some WONDERFUL people

We are absolutely stoked to have some fabulous new ambassadors for My Black Dog! Thank you for your support, we can't WAIT to get the word out!
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Exciting! Exciting stuff!!

We have some absolute gems of humanity coming forward to shout out their support for My Black Dog and I am, personally, rather overwhelmed by how wonderfully the winds are stirring behind the My Black Dog backs (say it quickly five times).

If you want to take a look at who is pledging their support for our work, please take a deep dive into the "Who's in?" page.

On a personal note, when I founded this charity, it was just me, and it was just me for a long time. I came up with the idea at home, I had stuck a plethora of post-it notes all over the walls in a massive brain storm on how I could help other people through what had been for me, an absolutely devastating time. I knew I wanted to share my experiences, I knew there were people who might be comforted by that and I wanted to FIND others who had been though something similar.

That's what My Black Dog is all about, we connect people with shared, lived experiences. All of our amazing new supporters have also been through their own struggles, they are not afraid to tell you about it, to show you how life can be joyful in SPITE of a mental illness, that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and believe me, there is - I have come a long way from the solitary person talking about black dogs and mental health alone in my flat. Now, it feels like we're a group, that we're in this together, that we, lonely passengers on a desperate train, can finally start to steer the tracks, TOGETHER, we can make s difference.