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Coping Content for COVID-19

April 3, 2020

Unprecedented times are among us. For all of us, anxiety, loneliness and frustration are starting to look familiar, for those of you who have always had black dogs, they're starting to look like old friends. My Black Dog have been thinking about you, we know that at those dogs will start growling again, creating greater waves in darker times.

As always, we understand, we are going through this as well and we are here for you.

We have created a new feed that is dedicated especially for you during this time. Whilst we are unable to help you physically, we have put together some uplifting and hopefully comforting content on our new webpage. Here you will find songs, books, tips, news from our ambassadors and meditations to help you through these hard times. We'll also be delivering some honest MBD content that will talk honestly about living with poor mental health during a pandemic, we're not shy, we tell it as it is.

We will be updating this regularly, so check in, know that we're here. And remember - My Black Dog are online when you need us.

Mon-Fri 7-10pm and weekends 10am-1pm. Follow us on Instagram, let others know that we're here and ready to talk.