My Black Dog's Patron Eddy Temple-Morris talks to Chris Evans about My Black Dog and the INCREDIBLE Chris Brown who has run an Ultramarathon (100k in 24 hours) to raise money for us! 

Chris's Story:

These are the most important words Ive ever written. And Im sorry if they shock you, but I have to say this, they are not so much about me, but all of us, about a very serious problem that is affecting all of us more and more in these crazy uncertain times.

Last month on my Birthday I was so low I tried to end it all!

But thanks to a strong constitution and lots of exercise my plan failed.Now Ive had lots of time to reflect, Ive realised that lots of people are suffering at the moment and all of us need help, luckily Ive had loads of support from Eddy Temple Morris, Wilf, Lee, Holly my therapist, and Max Ellis who took these photos yesterday,Ive discovered Wim Hoff breathing and ice showers helped my recovery.i now feel its only right to give something back so as well as becoming a charity volunteer, I want to do something to raise some much needed funding for the amazing mental health charity My Black Dog of which Eddy is a raise much needed money ,Ive decided to do the race to the stones ultra marathon 100kms in under 24 hours , the race will be tracked digitally, and I will be doing it on Mersea island on the 6th July (2 weeks time )I maybe crawling the last 20kms , so if you could all kindly dig deep as this is an amazing charity ( its a peer to peer service, so you can talk to someone like me thats been through it )Im happy to be alive !

You can donate through Chris's Just Giving page here

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