The My Black Dog Pack

Niki Clarke
Founder & CEO

Hello, I'm Niki. I started My Black Dog after years of battling with clinical depression. I went through some VERY dark times, which are hard to describe or even talk about, I know how tough it is to reach out to others about what you are going through. For a long time I felt very ashamed of my mental health, I thought I was the only person who felt this way, that there was something deeply dark and wrong with me. Since starting My Black Dog, I have seen how many people have struggled with their mental health. I want you to know, you are NOT alone in how you feel - My Black Dog are here for you to talk to. I am immensely proud of the My Black Dog pack! All of them have been through really hard experiences, and they are here to share that with you. They are kind, empathetic and truly inspiring. Each day, they show me that you are not alone, even in the darkest of days, you are never alone.

Eddy Temple-Morris
Patron of My Black Dog

We are so proud to have Eddy as our Patron.

Presenter of Virgin Radio's weekday mid morning show and Mobil One The Grid on Channel 4. Producer, remixer and composer for the band, Losers, Ambassador for the mental health charity CALM and chair of their Music Board 2015-2020.

Great to be in cahoots with you Eddy!

Our ambassadors

Gail Porter
TV/Radio presenter, actress and mental health stalwart.
Kate Lawler
TV, Radio and voiceover artist
Danny McNamara (Embrace)
Singer, songwriter, lyricist, scriptwriter
Hiten Vora
Assistant to Virgin Radio's Chris Evans, Marathon Runner and all round Force of Nature!
Matthew "Hoggy" Hoggard MBE
Cricketing Legend. Grill connoisseur. Mental health champion.
Nick Hogben
Mouth of Manliness podcast and Loveless artist. Mental health survivor and activist
Susie Weaver
Mental health campaigner / blogger at So Happy In Town
Catrin Vincent
Songwriter (Another Sky)
Singer, Songwriter
Ollie Pile
Musician (Bare Noize)
Aaron Clarke Potter
Head Chef
Barry Ashworth
Dub Pistols, producer, remixer, front man, dance music pioneer
in earnest
Songwriting that encourages open and honest conversations around mental health.
Kate Rowe-Ham
Instagram Fitness Trainer / Spin instructor / Mental health campaigner
Neil Read
Bespoke Woodworker with Ivy Leaf Woodwork Ltd, Firefighter, Fundraiser, Hiker and Mental Health campaigner.
Psych-garage messy noise from the beating heart of Leeds.
John Newton
JOHN (TIMESTWO) Musician and Mental Health advocate

Board of trustees

Leon Douch
Trustee - Chair

Leon is Head of Insurance at Allianz Global Investors. In 2015 he raised over £80k for four charities in Rendevous Run, an event in which a series of cars were driven from London to Monte Carlo! Leon is a great networker and has extensive experience as a company director and client development manager. I am really looking forward to his input as we move ahead! Thanks for coming on board!

Iain Bremner
Trustee - Treasurer

Iain is a qualified accountant with more than thirty years experience in the Lloyd's Insurance market, having held senior executive leadership roles for the majority of this time. He is currently non-executive chair of a Lloyd's Managing Agency. Iain brings a long career of board governance and financial management experience to MBD

Oliver Roth
Trustee - Governance

Oliver is a Management Consultant with experience working within central government, healthcare, and the education sectors. He is an expert on building digital services and providing business analysis support on major projects. I am so pleased to have Oliver on board, he will be supporting strategic planning and data analysis.

Emily Cherry
Trustee - Safeguarding

Emily is a Charity sector CEO and expert with over 25 years in the large children’s charities including NSPCC and Childline. She has experience in safeguarding, running large volunteer services, fundraising, policy, public affairs, lobbying, campaigning and a recognised media spokesperson. She is passionate about mental health having campaigned for better support for children and adults throughout her career.

James Mackeddie
Trustee - Volunteering & Fundraising

James is a Brand Manager in the UK cycling industry, with 15 years of voluntary experience with a broad range of charities, mainly focusing on raising funding and awareness through physical challenges, both his own and assist others in their endeavours.

Alice Scutchey
Trustee - Events and Relationship Building

Alice is Director of EMEA Business Administration within Financial Services with over 15 years experience working for top institutions in the industry.

She is married with three children and lives in Kent. As an approved Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor and keen speaker, she uses her platform to tell her personal story, champion women and promote the administrative profession.

Alice also promotes happiness by living positively and supports others to do the same.

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We are an online mental health charity. We are not doctors or therapists, not counsellors or psychiatrists, we are mental health volunteers who understand; people who have ALL experienced mental health issues.