Online Mental Health Charity

What makes MY BLACK DOG different?

Living with mental illness is something you may have to do for all your life. We're here to tell you that's ok -it is going to be ok. Let's talk about preventative care.

Coping with mental illness is tough, and it is CONSTANT. It is not just when you are at a "crisis point" but also when you are in the early stages: weeks, months, maybe even years before that point.

You are surviving, but you aren't quite living. You "don't feel quite right", but you don't think it's"serious enough" to talk to a doctor or a therapist or your friends or family. You try and convince yourself it's nothing, you'll say:"maybe I'm just tired", or "I'm working too hard", or "I'm just a bit stressed", you'll brush it aside, because dealing with it is HARD and you don't want to talk to people about it.

HOWEVER! This is precisely the time you DO NEED to speak with someone, because addressing these feelings early on could prevent a potentially harmful situation further down the line.


Chat online for free with our volunteers who have struggled with mental illness, it might just help. We are here to have an honest conversation with you about what's happening in your life. You can contact us via direct messaging and talk with someone who understands. Our volunteers have been through similar situations, they really do get it.